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The Social Security Disability system is complex, convoluted, and highly bureaucratic. To resolve these problems, it is helpful to involve an attorney sooner rather than later. With the backlog of claims that often exists, a claimant needs every edge to secure benefits as soon as possible. At our lawyers understand the law and all the technicalities involved. Even the most trivial matters can require attention by an attorney. We maintain relationships with experts and professionals to help our clients get a proper outcome to their cases.

A myriad of Federal regulations govern your right to Long Term and Short Term Disability benefits. Those regulations give power to insurance companies to deny payment even if you are disabled and deserving of benefits. Representation by a qualified attorney is helpful in dealing with insurance companies. We can provide you with the information you need to obtain the benefits you deserve, including obtaining additional medical testing and evaluation to help you demonstrate the nature of your disability.

You may be legally limited in the amount of Workers Compensation Disability you receive if you have suffered a workplace injury. An experienced attorney and an independent physician can be your strongest advocates in getting the care you need. Doctors provided by the insurance company may have a financial incentive to provide care within the limited parameters established by an insurance company. The assistance of knowledgeable counsel and medical treatment from a doctor whom you are legally entitled to select, can make all the difference in your case.

Do not let the complexities of filing for social security disability, long and short term disability, or workers’ compensation discourage you.

In addition to worker’s compensation and disability matters, we assist clients in a range of legal concerns, including