Criminal Defense

We understand the importance of an aggressive and thorough defense of individuals accused of committing crimes in and around Salt Lake City Utah.

We have decades of successful experience dealing with most types of criminal defense cases including, DUI, drugs crimes, domestic abuse, criminal mischief, internet crimes, weapons charges, expungements, extradition and almost anything else you can think of.

With a background in one of the most difficult venues to work in, military law, we know what it takes to successfully investigate a case, then take it to trial and win.

It has been said that we also have the uncanny ability of being able to determine how a judge and jury would view the facts and evidence of the case, and can often thereby predict the outcome, which enables us to either obtain the most advantageous plea negotiations, or to win at trial when the prosecution takes an unreasonable stance.

We strive to ensure that no innocent person is convicted on our watch.

We offer both set fee rates and hourly rates.