Short Term Disability

Utah Short Term Disability Claim Attorneys

Insurance companies wield a great deal of power in denying short term disability benefits to claimants. Confusion regarding regulations on the federal level can be used to increase that influence and prevent you from receiving the benefits you deserve. At Arrow Legal Solutions Group, P.C. in Midvale, Utah, our short term disability claim attorneys can identify and secure the necessary information and experts needed prior to the initial application process.

No Information is Insignificant
Whether you visit our office or we come to your home, our short term disability claim attorneys will take a detail-oriented approach to securing the information for your application. No issue is too small to include. In fact, if certain information is not included and the matter is taken to court, your lawyer will not be able to introduce new evidence to support your claim. It is vital that we get all the data and expert testimony necessary for you to prevail. At Arrow Legal Solutions, our experience and knowledge of the application and litigation processes can provide you an advantage over the insurance company.

Your right to collect the short term disability benefits you need is at stake. Our attorneys can assist with the application process and utilize a network of medical professionals to obtain additional medical testing and evaluations. That compelling evidence can work in your favor and can be used if the matter is taken to Federal or appellate courts.