Personal Injury

Our attorneys handle a variety of complex personal injury cases. This has included successfully pursuing significant settlements and judgments for individuals injured in auto accidents, boating accidents, skiing accidents, lawn mower accidents, recreational accidents, sporting accidents, accidents and injuries involving dogs, horses, cows and other animals, in slip and fall accidents, and in medical malpractice cases. We have further successfully obtained significant settlements and awards for people intentionally injured by criminals, by individuals that were under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and by the mentally ill.

While handling these cases, our lawyers have become adept at navigating the complex issues involved in governmental immunity, medical malpractice, insurance coverage, business liability, and regulatory law. We have also cultivated relationships with many medical, financial, and mechanical experts to ensure that you are fairly and thoroughly compensated for your injuries.

Unless the matter is successfully settled or won at trial, our services in this area of law are free of charge!

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