Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Lawyers –

Since 1994, the lawyers at Arrow Legal Solutions Group, P.C., in Midvale, Utah, have helped clients deal with the frustrating complexities of Social Security Disability law. We combine our experience with an extensive knowledge of the current regulations and related issues of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Background of Mr. Lambert
Social Security Disability lawyer, Loren M. Lambert, prides himself on keeping up with the latest medical science regarding various types of disabilities.

Social Security Claims Handled

He is a member of the Social Security Section of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association and speaks on the methods used to secure benefits. He also does volunteer work for OFFER (Organization for Fatige and Fibromyalgia Education and Research).

Complexities and Challenges
The system is complex and convoluted. A qualified Social Security Disability lawyer can guide you through the process.

The bureaucracy involved, along with the backlog of claims in the system discourage many people from beginning the process. We combat that by going out of our way to conveniently serve our clients, including visiting them at their homes. We are thorough and detail-oriented in filling out the necessary application. No information is too trivial if it helps you get the benefits you deserve.

Managing Your Case
At Arrow Legal Solutions, P.C., our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the procedures involved. If there is a disagreement in the law or a way a case is being processed, we make a record of it so we can preserve your appellate rights if your case requires an appeal. This maximizes your chances of securing benefits.

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