Long Term Disability

Utah Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyers

Federal regulations govern your rights to long term disability benefits and give the insurance companies a great deal of power. At Arrow Legal Solutions Group, P.C. in Midvale, Utah, we can vigorously represent you in securing the long term disability benefits you deserve.

The Need For Information
We help you identify and gather all the information necessary to convince an insurance company of your disability. If you do not provide that information, it cannot be used if we need to take the matter to Federal District Court. Essentially, we cannot introduce new evidence of your disability, including having medical experts testify on your behalf.

Securing and Presenting All the Necessary Information
The attorneys at Arrow Legal Solutions are strong advocates for their long term disability clients. Whether it’s the application process or litigating the matter in court, we can aggressively represent you and secure your rights to long term disability benefits. Our lawyers can refer you to medical professionals to get additional testing and evaluations done so that compelling data is available to us if the matter goes to Federal court.

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